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Man Has 39 Ex-girlfriends With His Name Tattooed On Forehead

tattoo on forehead

“The Sun/News Syndication”

Getting a tattoo that you hate can leave leave you with a lifetime full of regrets. Many couples have taken it upon themselves to get boyfriend/girlfriend tattoos, usually on the arm, maybe a leg or back. But no, not for Ryan Wibbo and new girlfriend, age 20, Kourtney Leigh. Mr. Wibbo, a tattoo artist, has convinced his girlfriend to tattoo his full name on her eyebrows. And not only has she done this, but 39 additional women have Ryan Wibbo tattooed on them. All the other women however, did not opt for the forehead, but instead an arm, finger or leg.  Ryan Wibbo, as he would say, she’s been ‘branded like Heinz Beans’. A charmer, right?


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Fake News Media: Donald Trump’s Very Very Bigly Twitter Account

“FAKE NEWS media, which makes up stories and “sources,” is far more effective than the discredited Democrats – but they are fading fast!” – Donald J. Trump

Donald Trump’s: Very Very Bigly Twitter Account “FAKE NEWS media

No, it’s not a teen girl on her menstria (period), that’s our American president huffing and puffing like a little brat.
donald trump tweeting twitter

I recently started following Trump on Twitter a week after he was sworn in. And to be honest, I’m so glad I did. I haven’t laughed so hard since..well, since the presidential debates. This guy is hilarious. His cabinet picks and questionable other worker’s (Omarosa, etc.) are so very, very perfect.

*Please note, I am an American so I must use very very bigly words such as our president.

donald trump very very bigly

Anyways, whether you like or hate this guy, we all can come to the same conclusion..his Twitter account is full of hilariousness. Fake News to daily insults, plus thousands of the greatest jokes on the net from commenters, I get a full belly laugh everyday. Now granted, even though I am an American, I don’t live in America. So in the event that all hell breaks loose..well, hell is already breaking loose, but you know..I’m happy to not be there at the moment. I personally did not leave America because of Donald Trump, I left America to get away from people like Donald Trump. I used to tell my European friends how crazy and racist American’s were. I told them how things are getting worse. None of them believed me. This was several years ago. Several years ago at different times. Life was not great for me..and when Barack Obama became president, the racism got worse. The racist said enough was enough. It’s time to stop being quiet and start bringing out the monkey, n-word (to the president), police brutality, shit storm that it has become. For the first time in America, we actually had a decent president. No cheating on wife, no bragging about being a ‘C’ average student, no goofballs, no catering to the rich, or not knowing what it’s like to struggle, just a good decent Harvard educated, self made man.

If you’d like some information or help on leaving the country, please stay tuned for my next edition on: Leaving Trump America.






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37 year woman caught having sex with 14 yr old boy

Ladies and gentleman, I give you..the transcript of how an adult can have sex with a minor and get away with it.

Angela Gatt, age 37, was having herself a good time with the next door neighbors 14 year old boy. He was on top of her, riding her like there was no tomorrow. They had some alcohol, like many people who have sex to relax and have a good time. Except, the boy was 14, the female, 37, he was drinking, as was she. All we need to know is that someone walked in on them, she ran away, then her nastyness fell and needed to go to the hospital.

Ms Pedofile avoided jail time because she was “very, very drunk”. First off, if she’s so drunk, why is she embarrassed about what happened, able to run away. She clearly had an understanding of what was going on.

Ms Pedofile was subject to a sexual harm prevention order, put on the sex offenders’ register for 10 years and ordered her to pay £1000 costs.

Sounds like a small price to pay. I guess that’s about how much 14 year old boys fetch for in Britain.

Some people are writing stories about this lady, talking about how her community is treating her differently. Well yeah, unless you want your young children riding Ms Pedo, I would too.


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Man films his own high speed pursuit on iPad

tulsa-1John Pinney age 25 live-streamed himself in a stolen police car going 120mph, according to cops.

He used his iPad to stream via Facebook using the officer’s iPad, saying “I’m in the cop car, where’s my sirens at?”

He was eventually arrested after his crazy pursuit throughout Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Monday night.

One of his epic lines in how this all got started was, “in a mood” and that he had “nothing else to do but read books.”


Apparently some cocky police officer left her keys in the car, unlocked during a ‘coffee’ (probably donut break) john-pinney-facebookand Pinney took the car, Tulsa police sergeant Steve Stoltz said.

Pinney charged for: nine complaints, including eluding, resisting arrest and possession of a firearm by a felon.

To be so bored that you have to go find something to do like steal a cop car (or anyone’s car). How did that come about? According to Oklahoma Department of Corrections records assaulted a police officer in the past, been in possession of a stolen vehicle in the past as well.

To answer the question, a lot of it has to do with our culture, status, money, privileged life vs not. Obviously, if this guy were given a million dollar loan to go start up a business, he would probably not be so bored, looking for something to do. He needs to get out of the environment that he’s living in, stop seeing the big tuff guy images he’s surrounded himself in as the cool and hip guy. Imagine if prison was not a small cell, but a large mansion in Malibu, like those treatment centers for additions..put him in Manhattan, or London, give him a great skill to reset him in life, giving him something productive to do, dress in the finest suit everyday. Give him a taste of the good life, with the knowledge and skills needed to get there, and you’ve got him turned around. And with the cost to incarcerate going up, it’s very doable.